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Movement Skis is born in the Swiss Alps at the end of the 1990's. Its maain market is Switzerland, although the group is present in around twenty countries. The brand has a unique and strong identity. It has a good reputation amongst professional skiers, especially in the freeride and freeride touring segment. 

The brand has developped a strong know-how in terms of design, modeling, prototypes and ski manufacturing. It as also been able to develop new technologies to provide professionals and ski enthousiats with greater lightness and skiability.

Movement Skis makes its products since 1980. For decades, each ski is developped in Switzerland, which means that the swiss quality concept has always been part of the design. Movement skis owns its own production and has a great creative flexibility.

its objective is to continue to promote this passion for skiing beyond the european alpine arc and to gradually develop the brand in the rest of the world.

The arrival of Airesis in june 2015, allowed Movement to reconnect on its know-how and to concentrate on the ditribution of its main brands.

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